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I held her up and my mouth pressed against her ample boobs and pushed her gently on bed for some warm kisses.

Later tried to do DATY, that's when she crossed her legs and denied access to the "Entry Point".

Then I slid a pillow underneath her buttocks for better penetration and she smiled at me while I was adjusting pillow.

Then pulled her both legs and held close to my shoulders and started striking,2-3 short and light strokes, 1 really deep stroke and the rhythm continued.

So she said OK and requested me to wash my mouth with gargle, as she normally don't allow DATY. While DATY she was looking around on wall and ceiling (looks like she wanted to figure out any hidden camreas) and chanced upon the fire sprinker with a small light blinking.

Her pussy was tight but lube and her juices gave enough lubrication, she responded nicely with each deep strokes by holding her legs tightly around my neck.

Then after few minutes started vigorous strokes continuously for 2-3 minutes and ended releasing in condom.

Then licked her ample boobs, sucked hard as she was not letting me DFK and I could hear the loud sound when I release her boobs from my mouth, bcoz of vacuum created while licking / sucking hard her boobs.

She was Ok with it and never complaint about those hard sucking.


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