Dating an obsessive man

What most girls don't realize is that it's often the simples little things that do it...

and they may have that quality without even realizing it.

It's an obsession that has made men throughout history go to the ends of the Earth just to be with the one they love.

Most women have wondered what makes men go so crazy over a girl at least once.

Simply put, sometimes guys fall in love with the way a woman presents herself.

Think about it - would Nicki Minaj be as heavily desired if she didn't have that wild, untamable style of dress?

People might forget your clothing, your quotes, or even the way that you looked.

That explains why so many men go nuts over a girl who can cook, a girl who cuddles them, and a girl "they can bring home to mom." It's a feminine trait, and it's one that most men desperately crave in a life partner. So, if you're a natural nurturer, you've probably had a couple of men obsess over you.Some guys get obsessed with the girl who's not interested in them, solely because that girl is the one girl who doesn't find them attractive enough.Other guys become totally enamored with a girl because she sees so much good in them when everyone else doesn't.In other words, guys really, truly care what women think of them.Sometimes, they end up caring to the point that it's pathological.Don't ask why, but most men really can't help but melt when an attractive girl looks that them.


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