Naruto ino dating

Haku entered the Konoha gates nervously with Naruto and the others not knowing how the others will react to her.Seeing Haku's situation, Naruto went over to her and assured, "There's nothing to worry about Haku-san.She concluded to herself that it was just mere luck that he managed to catch her off guard. She had a mission to complete and she had already made up her mind.

Getting off her bed, the Iwa Jounin, wearing only her bra and underwear, went over to the full length mirror to exam her appearance and slender curvy body.Yet still, Sasuke of the Uchiha clan was taken down by a girl with a feared bloodline limit.No matter what he or Sai did Haku just kept coming.One by one, Naruto and the others explained the events as they saw them take place.Naruto also brought up the issue about the Iwa Jounin kunoichi who tried to kill him twice.She knew that Iwa and Konoha had an intense hatred towards each other and Konoha nins found in Iwa would have been killed on sight without question.


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