Aquarius dating aquarius compatibility

There is a strong attraction as both of them have different or rather opposite interests.

She loves freedom whereas he is purely in love with materialistic things.

For making their romance a real passion, they both need to be emotionally very close and open with each other.

The Cancer man with his loving attitude and tender touch makes her realize that sex is a necessary ingredient for the success of a relationship.

Air and Water mix to give a challenging combination of Aquarius and Cancer.

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They now accept their differences to complete their existence and enjoy their togetherness with such passion that even angels envy their devotion and love.

He is always on lookout for a partner who would resemble his mother in terms of the perfection exuded by her.

In love with an Aquarius woman, he enjoys her friendly nature and provides her with long term happiness and security.

There are a lot of things that they both appreciate in each other.

He loves friendliness and originality of his Aquarius lady but her absentmindedness and easy approach to romantic relationship makes him sad.


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