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It’s legal to make you stay at the office and work if you decline to go on the company cruise.

It’s legal to share your performance stats with your coworkers.

It’s legal to fill a job without advertising it and giving other people a chance to apply for it. It’s legal not to hire someone because they don’t seem enthusiastic about the job.

It’s legal for your boss to ask you if you’re looking for another job.

It’s legal to remove someone from the work schedule until they agree to show up for a staff meeting.It’s legal for your coworker to refuse to speak to you.It’s legal for your employer to designate one of the office bathrooms as being for guests only.It’s legal for your boss to let your coworker have three-day weekends, even though she doesn’t have seniority.It’s legal for your boss to require you to read a self-help book and test you on it. It’s legal to be sent home because you’re in a bad mood because the windshield of your car was smashed. It’s legal for your employer to give your cell phone number to other’s legal to require a general release before paying severance.


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