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Shortly before the apocalypse occurred, she was dating a supposedly abusive guy.

When Otis accidentally shoots Carl Grimes, Hershel helps Carl and Carl's father Rick, with his group being introduced to the Greene family.

Maggie grows severely independent and hardened over time, mostly after Glenn's death.

She is shown to stand up for what she believes in and has become an important voice in the survivors.

Maggie, along with Glenn, try to calm Tyreese and Rick to stop them from fighting.

He remembers Maggie is missing Glenn and apologizes. Maggie says they might be able to watch a movie, but, Hershel asks where to start it.

Maggie and Axel later decide what movie they should watch.

In the morning, however, Hershel catches the two in bed and lashes out at Glenn, provoking Maggie to defend both him and herself, exclaiming how she should be in control of her own life.

When Hershel orders the survivor group to leave, Maggie is able to convince him to let Glenn stay because of her new found love for him.


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