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[email protected] Fake Gmail Administration phishing scam. Don't click on the link, just click the dlete button. [email protected] Arpita Singh wants to discuss a mobile business application with you. Why does a so called banker not use an email from gmail and not their bank? [email protected]& [email protected] Fed Express scammer from France. Too bad we can't get Fed Ex to deliver them to Prison. [email protected] Claims to give you a deposit from the USAA. [email protected] one of the most bizarre scam emails I've ever seen. [email protected] - Claims to be Tim Bophal from the Bank of Cambodia. Christine Lagarde want 350 dollars from you to open an account in Africa so she can transfer money (,000,000) from the International Monetary Fund to you. I don't think these people do work that Jesus Christ would approve of. [email protected] - Claims you have a message returned from Gmail Support (Google Service). And you will thousands of dollars you can't reclaim if you fall for this con artists. The only real opportunity here is to lose your money. [email protected] A so called banker from Africa has money from someone who died in the Indonesia Tsunami. Notice how they are using an email from the Florida State University. [email protected]& [email protected] Steve from China is using the ebonics to get you to invest with them. Wants you to download the receipt which is a phishing link. [email protected] Has attachment that will no doubt make you and your computer sick. [email protected] Phishing scam claims to give you lowe's gift card. Notice how it is from and not [email protected]& [email protected] Mrs. [email protected] called Christian Adoption Center wants to do business with you. [email protected] Edwin Johnson Jay, everyone's friend from the Bank of Africa wants your personal information so he can have you deposit money into his accounts and he can disappear with your profits. Hijab Mohammed and from a company called Financial Pvt Ltd and wants to give you a loan approval in 60 minutes with 100 percent approval.

[email protected]​ - Wants you reply to this email from someone with an account named Ralf-Uwe Khnel (R. The only lottery this guy will get is your money if you fall for this garbage. [email protected] Lori Garrigus-Ross wants to give you 15,342,900 Million Pounds in the current UK jackpot. [email protected] Fake Fed Ex announcement about package not being delivered. [email protected] They have a proposal for you that they want you to download. [email protected] Claims to be the daughter of murdered dictator Muammar Gaddafi with a share of his vast fortune. [email protected]& [email protected] Looking to loan you money. [email protected] Claims to know the wife of the president of Ghana. [email protected] Another scam trying to get you to download a trojan horse to your computer. ” Acts Authors and counselors Chuck and Barb Snyder describe themselves as the “World’s Most Opposite Couple”—and it may be true. Perhaps in part because of their differences, the Snyders have experienced nearly every imaginable conflict in marriage— over scheduling, communication, home life, finances, discipline of the children, and more.Chuck says the only things they have in common are the same wedding anniversary and the same children. She enjoys soft classical music; he prefers country western at maximum volume. In over forty years of marriage, however, the Snyders have learned to appreciate their differences. You should propose that he takes his business elsewhere. [email protected] and [email protected] - Adrian Bayford has won the lottery and wants to share it with you. [email protected] Phishing scam claims suspicious activity on your microsoft email account. [email protected] - Mr Benjain Chad111 wants you to listen to his proposal. [email protected] [email protected] Has a proposal for you. [email protected] Veronica claims she has cancer and has money from a gold mine for you. Well this is a guarantee that you will lose your money in sixty minutes. Kabo Uago with the phone number of 226 65974887 has an inheritence for you. [email protected] [email protected] Scam Victims Compensation Fund want to tell you are getting compensation for being scammed [email protected] Scammers claiming they have federal grants. Probably a guy in West Africa somewhere and not a beautiful looking european woman, [email protected] Paul ikemba wants to transfer millions of dollars to you. One would hope he has a life insurance policy and that a truck hits him. Possibly a hijacked email from the college in Washington. Alessandro Barbini is looking for investment opportunities. [email protected] Miss Eleev Belaid from the north African country of Tunisia has an investment of 5.8 million for you. Sismer Shirley Acojedo and Wilfred Kabore want to scam you by promising you 4.7 million dollars. [email protected] Looking to give you fake money from a bank in West Africa. Too bad Arnold schwarzenegger can't terminate this scammer and their phishing scam. [email protected] Aidan Satif wants to discuss business with you despite the fact he doesn't know your name at all. Maybe they are legitimate but I am sure the sender of this email is not. [email protected]& [email protected] Fake business proposition from someone who can't even understand English. [email protected] IT might be in Spanish but it's the universal language of trying to rip you off!! The only one getting charity is this POS scammer and not an orphanage.


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